Can't get that @username you want?

AcctWatch monitors accounts for you. It checks diligently for each account name that you're looking for to open and immediately emails you when it does. Who knows when your dream handle will open?

It only takes a minute, promise.

PC Social Media
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"Woah, how did you get the handle Nicks?" ;)

We know what it's like to be Steve051992.

Someone sitting on an account and their most recent post is several years old? Watch those accounts, and reclaim them when they eventually open up.
Most of us weren't the first adopters of social media.
(We built Acct.Watch to make it seem like we did)

Sign up in three steps:

  1. The account name.
  2. The site it's on.
  3. Some login info so we can reach you.

The first account is free, any others are just $5/account. You're only charged when it becomes available!

Account squatting is frustrating.

Unless you have a registered trademark, there's not much you can do to get any site to hand back a handle. And checking every day is a pain. Let robots do it!
Have questions? Send any questions/concerns/ideas to